Using Your iPad While On The Can Just Got A Whole Lot Classier

Pedestal Stand

Here at PadGadget, we’re always looking for new stands and mounts for our iPad. We’ve tracked down mounts for your car, your wall, and even your refrigerator door. We’ve found stands for laying down, sitting, and even to replace you in the board room, but what about a stand for the bathroom? Sure, no one wants to admit to using their electronic devices while on the pot, but we all do it, at least secretly. CTA Digital has made a classy iPad stand, complete with toilet paper roll, so that you can do your business, hands free.

The Pedestal Stand for iPad features a bendable 10-inch gooseneck stand to allow users to adjust to any angle. It holds the iPad securely in place with a padded clamp. It is made out of easily cleanable chrome and has a solid, heavyweight base for sturdy balance. Oh, and it comes with a toilet paper roll.

The toilet paper roll is optional. If you are really grossed out by the thought of bringing your tablet into the bathroom, you can still have an attractive-looking iPad stand by your bed, couch, or dinner table. Let’s be honest though, we could all use a stand in the bathroom while we are catching up on our morning news, getting some light reading done, or checking in on Facebook. Just be sure you don’t accidentally call your mom on FaceTime. That would not end well.

The CTA Digital Pedestal Stand for iPad is available for $45 from Amazon. Oh, by the way, they have a stand for your toddler’s potty, too.

[Via: Gizmodo]

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