PadGadget’s Flashback Friday – Gridlee

Gridlee 1

Welcome back to Flashback Friday. At the end of every week, we like to take a moment and go back in time for those fans out there who love classic arcade games. Last week, we told you about Mutant Mudds. It may not have been a “vintage” game, but the Nintendo 3DS title was about as flashback as you could get.

This week, we are spotlighting Gridlee. Not only is this classic game from 1982, putting it right in the Flashback Friday category, but it offers a little secret that might make you want to download it right now, before Apple decides it is breaking the rules.

Players control a funny little character who moves side-to-side and forward and backward on a flat grid with a horizontal horizon. A bouncing ball quickly approached the grid and you must catch it. You’ll also be attacked by enemies that you must shoot before they get to your square.

Gridlee 3

The game controllers were originally based on a trackball. In the iOS version, players use a virtual D-Pad. To shoot, tap the “B” button. In order to start the game, players must tap the “Coin” tab at the top left of the screen and then tap the “Start” tab at the top right.

The game is surprisingly difficult to play. It is hard to tell where the ball will drop. You can follow the shadow, but that gets difficult, too when you are trying to avoid the enemies.

Enemies are hard to kill. You have to be positioned directly under them in order for your shot to hit. However, they only have to land on the square you are standing in to kill you.

The game is free to play and definitely takes you back to a time before video games were so complex and multifaceted.

Gridlee 2

This entertaining game offers just a bit more than some might have bargained for. Hidden deep within the game’s files is the ability to install MAME ROMs.

Apple doesn’t allow MAMEs (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) on iOS devices. Most people jailbreak their phones in order to install something that will allow them. Gridlee snuck in MAME4iOS Reloaded (Built by one of the original creators of the game), which supports arcade games supported by original MAME 0.37b5.

By following a couple of tricks and tips, you’ll be running up to 2,000 different ROM (Read-Only Memory) images without having to jailbreak your iPad.

If you are interested in installing MAME4iOS Reloaded on your iPad and running your own ROM images, head over to iDownloadBlog for a quick tutorial on how to install the file.

If you don’t know what a MAME is, or don’t own a single ROM file and don’t ever plan to, but love old-school arcade games, you’ll still love playing this game.

Gridlee is available to download for free in the App Store today. However, it is just a matter of time before Apple decides it is breaking the rules and removes it from the App Store.

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