You’ll be Trippin’ When You Play Wave Trip – iPad App Review

Wave Trip LogoI don’t even know where to begin with this app. It is like Asteroids and a graphic designer got together and had a Tenori-on baby. Dodge enemies, collect goodies, save your friends, and do it all to the beat of a song that you’ve created while dodging, collecting and saving.

Players control a triangular-shaped flying object. To move, touch the right side of the screen. The longer you keep your finger on the screen, the higher the squid-looking triangle will go. Let go of the screen and he will drop to the ground. You must keep the balance and collect blue and orange sound coins as you float along.

The orange coins will save your friends, who are floating in front of you, trapped in a bubble. The blue coins are point multipliers, which help you earn stars, or “tris” in this case. There are eight different orange and blue coins. Each one makes a different sound when you pick it up. If you manage to collect three snare beats in a row, plus two piano keys, you’ll start to hear a song developing.

Wave Trip 4  Wave Trip 5

There are also a few bad guys in pink. The baddies have their own distinct sound as well. Even though they will crash into your geometric flyer, the only consequence is a loss of point multiplier.

The levels consist of sections. You must collect each orange coin in order to continue. If you miss one, you’ll repeat that section, without the already-collected coins, until you’ve picked up all of the orange ones. Once you’ve collected every orange coin on the level, you’re done.

There are five different levels in each world and there are four worlds. Players’ scores are posted to the global leader board, so you’ll be competing against the world for top spots on each level.

Wave Trip 3   Wave Trip 2

In addition to the 20 pre-existing levels, players can also create their own and share them with the Wave Trip Community. The level builder is a lot like a Tenori-on. Players place coins in various spots on a looping grid to create an obstacle course. Once you’ve finished your “song” you can play it and share it with others. Game levels are “liked” by peers and move up in popularity.

This is a unique and interesting game that mixes music, graphic design, and good old-fashion gaming. It is sure to be a big hit in the App Store.

Wave Trip 1 Wave Trip 6

What I Liked: My favorite part of the app is the level builder. It is like creating a song. In fact, I tried two different methods. I created one level that I thought would make a good game and one that I thought made a good song. The latter turned out to be a better game level.

What I Didn’t Like: The squid-like flier is difficult to control. I’d like to see a setting that allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the controls.

To Buy or Not to Buy: This is a great game for fans of simple, casual games. You have to be able to listen to the game in order to really enjoy it, so don’t play it with the volume muted. The ability to build your own level makes it worth the price alone.

  • Name: Wave Trip
  • Version Reviewed: 1.3
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Lucky Frame
  • Price: $1.99
  • Score:

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