Hasbro Brings the Old Game of Foam Basketball to Today’s App Generation

Image Courtesy of EndGadget

Image Courtesy of EndGadget

The American International Toy Fair starts this Sunday. Normally, tech writers wouldn’t’ be too excited about a toy fair, except for their perpetual childlike personalities and secret love of all things juvenile. This year, however, is different. As the iPad gains popularity, companies are finding ways to incorporate it into their products. From cars that interact with the iPad to Tankbots that are controlled by the tablet, toys are becoming the next big thing for the iPad.

At this year’s Toy Fair, NERF will be making a slam dunk with their new N-SPORTS CYBERHOOP. Now, not only can you play office B-Ball during March Madness, you can actually play against your buds and hear real-time commentary on your shots.

Using a specially made N-SPORT hoop in connection with the free CYBERHOOP app, players can select from five different basketball challenges to start shooting hoops. The CYBERHOOP transmits players’ scores to the iPad and triggers commentary, follows the “game” stats, and even captures video of the exciting sports action.

You’ll be able to share your shots using the highlight reel and play virtually with friends online through the app’s multiplayer mode.

The specially designed N-SPORTS basketball is expected to launch this fall for $19.99 and the companion CYBERHOOP app will be available as a free download in the App Store.

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