Wacky App Wednesday: Solve Pixellated Puzzles in eBoy FixPix

fixpixeBoy FixPix is an app that’s been in the App Store for quite some time, but it’s the type of game that never gets old. You see, it operates on a super simple premise – you’re presented with a picture puzzle that’s out of order and you must tilt your iPad to fit the pieces back together to form a cohesive image.

I know that doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun, but you have to take into account the pictures that you’re putting back together. Each image features awesome hand-crafted pixel art, and in many cases, the images even have 3-D effects.

These are not your grandmother’s puzzles either – every level presents a new challenge, and it’s often difficult to figure out the exact right angle you need to tilt your iPad in to solve the challenges. Most of the images don’t give many hints either, turning the game into a search for clues so you can figure out the solution to each puzzle.


Every image is a visual feast and the game is a pure delight to play, despite its simplistic gameplay. The puzzles are surprisingly tough, especially at later levels, and the game will keep you playing for hours on end.

Developer Delicious Toys has had two years to refine eBoy FixPix, which means there’s a whole slew of content available in the form of amazing levels. You’ll find over 100 stages in the game, and at $0.99, it’s well worth checking out.


One minor caveat – you will need iOS 6 in order to play the game. Reviews in the App Store have mentioned a crashing problem on older versions of iOS, but I haven’t had a problem on my iPad mini running iOS 6.1. If you have the right device, give this game a try! You can download it from the App Store.

Make sure to check back next Wednesday for an all new wacky app!

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    Can’t wait to have a go at this.

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    Looking very nice.. thanks