This Tiny Robot Wants to Scrub Your iPad Clean

takaratomyautomeeKeeping your iPad clean can be an exhausting task. Have you ever wished there was a little robot that would do all the iPad cleaning for you? Well, guess what?

Your wish has been granted! The new Auto Mee S robot from Takara Tomy is like a miniature Roomba for your iPad. Set it down on the tablet, turn it on, and it will polish your iPad until it gleams in just eight minutes, removing dust, fingerprints, and pesky smudges.

It just so happens that the Auto Mee S comes in an adorable, compact robot shape, and a wide range of colors: white, blue, orange, and pink. Cute and functional!

The Auto Mee S, like a Roomba, is a smart little robot. It can detect when it has reached the edge of your device, which will prompt it to turn around, ensuring a thorough cleaning. It will run for three hours on just one AA battery.

It has two rotating cleaning papers inside, along with three tires on the bottom, ensuring it gets every last bit of grime off of your iPad.

This little cleaning robot isn’t coming out until March 28, unfortunately, and it may be limited to Japanese customers, but we’ll keep an eye out for a U.S. retailer to share with you. At this time, the Auto Mee S is priced at 1,575 Yen, which is equivalent to about $17.

[via Engadget]

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