PadGadget’s DIY Project Spotlight: iPad Strap

iPad Strap

In this unknown and ever-fluctuating economy, finding ways to save money is always a good thing. Do-it-yourselfers will tell you that hand made projects are better for the environment, better for your well-being, and better for your pocketbook. That’s why we like to spotlight some of our favorite DIY projects for the iPad. Last week, we showed you a sturdy wall mount that lets you relax in bed while your iPad is mounted above you. This week, we found a simple hand strap project to help you keep your iPad where it belongs… in your hand.

It seems like someone is always trying to steal someone else’s iPad these days. Whether it is from a late night break in or a face-to-face robbery, Apple’s tablet seems like easy pickins for shifty criminals. One DIY crafter was so worried about losing her iPad while on the commuter train that she decided to take matters into her own hand and create a strap that will keep the iPad in her hands.

The iPad strap requires an iPad back cover, like the Belkin Snap Shield, a 12-inch strap, a flathead screw and screwdriver, a grommet washer, and a flat locking nut. You’ll also need a pair of pliers, a brad setter, a grommet hole puncher, and high heat.

The first thing you’ll do is punch a hole in the center of the case with the grommet puncher. You’ll also need to burn a hole in your strap using flame-heated pliers. Then, you’ll be attaching the screw and washer directly to the case. Don’t forget to put something protective, like electrical tape, on the inside of the case or you’ll scratch up the iPad with the washer and screw.

ipad strap 2

Once you’ve attached your screw and washer, you can add the iPad strap and anchor it with another washer and a nut. MacGeek, the DIY-er who came up with this project, suggests super gluing the screw to the nut so it doesn’t loosen up.

Once the strap is in place, snap the cover to your iPad and you are ready to go. This strap isn’t exactly sturdy enough to be used as some kind of carrying handle, but if you use your iPad while on the train, bus, at the park, or in any public place where a grab-and-run theft is a possibility, then this little strap may save you a few hundred dollars.

Thanks to MacGeek for posting this project. Check out this DIY-er’s profile on Instructables to see a few more clever projects. Next week, we will be getting frosty for Valentine’s Day. Do you have any projects you’d like us to spotlight? Maybe you’ve created your own waterproof case with your nephew that you think we’d like? Leave a comment below and we’ll look into it.

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