Edit in Final Cut Pro X From Your iPad with ProCutX

ProCutX 1

Final Cut Pro users rejoice! Pixel Film Studio has just launched a companion app for the complex editing tool to help you control various features from your iPad. No longer will you be restricted to an immobile editing station. Now, you can take your jog wheel with you while you get a cup of coffee.

ProCutX for Final Cut Pro X allows editors to control menus, tabs, and all editing tools in one interface. There is no more need to click through, searching various menus.

The app’s features include:

Precision Timeline Scrubbing
• Quick Retiming
• Auto-Correct Color
• Color Grading
• Compound Clip Editing
• Import, Export, and Rendering shortcuts
• Quick Keywording
• Fast access to Tools
• System Volume Control
• Timeline Zooming
• Audio Enhancements
• Record Voiceovers

This is definitely one of those apps that Apple was talking about when it justified launching the 128 GB iPad. This type of software is powerful and heavy-duty. An industry professional could make great use of a secondary controller for Final Pro X. You could free yourself from the limits of your desktop, move between tools smoothly, and even edit with another person.

ProCutX is available now in the App Store for $24.99, a small price to pay when you think about the money you’d save on the hardware that this app replaces.

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