Facebook Aiming at Apple’s ‘Find My Friends’ App With its own Location-Tracking App

Find My Friends 1

Bloomberg recently reported that Facebook is developing an app that will track user locations to share with others. Apple’s Find my Friends app does the exact same thing. My friends find it to be kind of creepy and won’t let me follow them. I wonder how Facebook plans to generate interest from users?

Unnamed sources who spoke with Bloomberg say that the app, which is expected to launch in mid-March, is designed to help users find nearby friends. The app would run in the background, even when it isn’t open.

Facebook’s location tracking app could potentially help the social networking site generate profits from more than 1 billion mobile users. The tracking service could help Facebook sell adds based on user locations and daily habits. Creepy.

Facebook already records your whereabouts every time you post status updates from your phone and when you check-in at a location. The new app would continue tracking you, even when you aren’t actively using the service.

Find My Friends, as well as other social networking location tracking apps, definitely have a stalker vibe. While it might be nice to be able to pinpoint your buddy’s whereabouts at a pro football game, it wouldn’t be so nice for that new girl you are dating to know every move you make, every moment of the day. Now, imaging that the new girl you are dating is Facebook and they want to make money off of you.

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