Battle Across the Universe With Wingbreaker – iPad App Review

Wingbreaker LogoIf you like good, old-fashioned shoot-em-up arcade gameplay, then you’ll enjoy Wingbreaker. This simple, action packed game will have you on the edge of your seat as you blast your way through the universe, destroying alien ships along the way.

Players control a battle-hardened ship that automatically shoots whatever is in front of it. As you travel through space get in front of a saucer to destroy it. Players can equip their ship with more powerful weapons, but only after they’ve unlocked them in the mission mode, and only if they can manage to grab them without being destroyed first.

To collect new weapons, simply fly over them. To fly your ship, tilt your device. You can change your controls to virtual joystick in the Settings screen if you don’t like tilt controls. Both work just as good. The weapons you pick up will equip on either the left or right wing of your ship. The powerful ammo is not unlimited. You’ll see how many shots you have left at the top of the screen. Some weapons, like the Gatling gun have a lot of rounds, while others, like the Rail Cannon, only have a dozen.

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Some enemies can easily be destroyed with the ship’s default gun. However, many enemy ships require a certain type of weapon with a specific firepower. To unlock new weapons, play Mission mode and defeat enemies.

In Mission mode, players must complete certain tasks, like Destroy all Enemy Ships. If you don’t complete at least the first task, you’ll lose the game. If you do, you’ll unlock new weapons that can also be used in Arcade mode.

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Arcade mode is an endless survival game. Players battle waves of enemies until their ship just can’t take it anymore. The game is connected to Game Center, so you will be competing with the world’s greatest Wingbreaker pilots.

This game gets fairly difficult by the time you get to the fourth level. The arcade action is fantastic, but it can get frustrating to not be able to advance. I found that, if I couldn’t beat a level in Mission mode, I’d hope over to Arcade mode for a while to make myself feel better.

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What I Liked: The basic shoot-em-up arcade style of this game is fantastic. It feels very retro without being a copycat.

What I Didn’t Like: The levels got really hard after the fourth mission. I’d like to see the ability to adjust the difficulty settings. The user interface is also awkward and not very intuitive.

To Buy or Not to Buy: As a free game, definitely yes. Once the game goes up in price, it will depend on your taste in games. If you are a fan of challenging shoot-em-up arcade games, you’ll love this. If difficult games frustrate you easily, you may want to skip this.

  • Name: Wingbreaker
  • Version Reviewed: 1.32
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Riggerman Games
  • Price: $0.99 (Free for a limited time)
  • Score:

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