Bloomberg Claims Apple TV to Get HBO Go App By Mid 2013

appletvIf you’ve been trying to decide whether to purchase the Apple TV, with its sleek design, intuitive user interface, and access to thousands of iTunes titles, or one of the other set-top boxes, like the Roku, which offers a wider variety of channels, you may want to hold off on you purchase a bit longer. According to Bloomberg, Apple is negotiating with HBO to bring HBO Go to Apple TV.

Apple’s “hobby” has been in the news a lot lately. Rumors have popped up that the device is getting a remodel. Apple CEO Tim Cook told investors that the device had a 60 percent increase in sales year-over-year. Now, Bloomberg is reporting that Premium cable channels are on their way to the set-top box.

According to unnamed sources who spoke with Bloomberg, cable and satellite subscribers who pay for HBO will have access to more than 600 hours of film and television shows on Apple TV. HBO GO is only available to cable or satellite subscribers, but having access to movies and television shows on Apple TV will allow users to free themselves of the constraints of broadcasting schedules so they can watch programs on-demand.

Cook has been acting like a gossipy schoolgirl, desperately trying to keep a secret lately. In the most recently quarterly earnings call, he mentioned that television is “an area of interest” for Apple. Frankly, If the company’s “next big thing” is cable subscription-based apps on ATV, many Apple fans will be sorely disappointed.

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