Rescue the Dingles from Danger in Dingle Dangle – iPad Game Review

dingledangeChillingo games are almost always well-designed, fun, and worth buying. Dingle Dangle, a new app released last week, is no exception. This is a fun arcade-style puzzle game that stars the Dingles, a jumble of creatures who are in imminent danger.

These silly little monsters live in an environment that has dangers around every corner – they might just be burst, crushed, or set on fire at any moment. Luckily, they have you. It’s your job to use the grappling line to rescue the Dingles and keep them out of trouble.

You will take on the role of a pirate riding a floating pirate ship. You’re in control of the grappling line, or rope, and to move it, you will use a lever to make the rope go up and down. At the same time, you must tilt your iPad to move the rope left and right. The idea is to lower the rope, tilt to collect the Dingles, and then raise the rope back to the ship.

The combination of an onscreen joystick and tilt motion works well. The tilt motion controls are well calibrated, and while they are easy to use, it is still tough to use them in areas where the game requires very precise movements.


Dingles stick together, so you can grab more than one at one time. You have a limited amount of rope, though, so you have to decide carefully how to get all of the Dingles out. There’s also a timer, so being speedy is key, and choosing the order of rescuing Dingles is important. It’s pretty tough beating that timer, so expect to have to replay levels to find the most efficient routes.

You will get one star for completing the level, one star for collecting all of the Dingles, and one star for beating each level before the suggested time. Along with Dingles, you’ll be encouraged to collect diamonds, which, luckily, stick to the little guys.


Diamonds can be used in the shop to purchase items that will make the game a bit easier, which is good, because levels get progressively harder, introducing new obstacles like spikes. Spikes are deadly and will squish Dingles if you run into them. You will also encounter different color Dingles and other surprises as you work your way through the game.

Dingle Dangle has 60 different levels, along with Game Center integration for leaderboards and achievements.

What I liked: The game has cute, colorful graphics that look great on the iPad’s screen, along with enjoyable gameplay that’s easy to learn.

What I didn’t like: Levels can be tough to finish, especially the later stages. At times, it is both difficult and frustrating to try to navigate through tiny spaces using tilt motion controls, which are not known for their precision.

To buy or not to buy: Dingle Dangle isn’t the best game I’ve ever played, but it’s definitely worth $0.99 for a few days of entertainment.

  • App Name: Dingle Dangle
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Chillingo
  • Price: $0.99
  • Score:

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