Ice Age Village Adds New Dino World

Ice Age VillageThe popular building simulation game Ice Age Village just received a major update. Now, users can travel to the underground Dino World with their old pal Buck. Grab a jacket and join Diego, Manny, and Sid in a world beyond the frozen tundra.

The reluctant hero of Ice Age 3 has joined the village, but has something to show you. Follow Buck to a whole new world beneath the ice.  You’ll be able to double the size of your village (you know, to make room for all of the new dinosaurs) and play new games, like “Collect Frenzy” where you can grab tons of coins as bonuses.

There are five new homes available for your dinosaurs and 12 new decorations to really make your village shine. You can’t unlock Dino World until you’ve reached level 25, so you’d better get started on your village if you haven’t already.

Of course, players can continue with all of the other fun activities of Ice Age Village, including completing missions, playing mini games with Scrat, and visiting your friends’ towns.

Ice Age Village is free to download, but does offer in-app purchases for coins and acorns so you can really make your town special. If you don’t want to have accidental purchases made by your little ones, be sure to disable in-app purchases before handing your iPad over.

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  • Couta Koppie

    This new update is bullsh….!!!! It changed all my Santa sleighs from 40% down to 9%! WTF gameloft. You made us pay for that item and then change it afterwards!!! How can I undo the update back to the way the game was..??? e-mail me at

    • lorygil

      That seems like a great question for PadGadget’s “Ask the Expert” series!