PadGadget DIY Project Spotlight: iPad Wall Mount

DIY iPad Wall MountIf you fancy yourself to be handy with a hammer and some decoupage, you’ll love our new series on DIY projects. Each week, we find clever projects that you can do at home. Some will be simple- like an iPad stand made out of a fast food drink cup holder. Some will be more complex. Last week, we spotlighted a classy iPad case that uses items from around the house. This week, we are getting a little more involved with a movable iPad arm that connects to your wall so you can mount your tablet at the perfect viewing angle for bedtime reading and TV watching.

Handyman Tom Gaumond decided that he wanted an iPad holder that would mount to his wall and make it easy to use his tablet while lying in bed. Using just the mounting portion of an Standzout ipad stand for $20 and some 1×1 wood he had lying around, Gaumond created a multi-jointed wing that swings around and becomes a third arm so you don’t have to hold your iPad while lounging around.

The Standzout holder has an adjustable mount on the back with a ball joint so you can move the tablet around in any angle. Using 1/4-inch bolts and washers, he secured the holder to the wood frame. In his instruction video, Gaumond pans across the wall mount so you can see how he pieced everything together.

One important thing he points out is that the wood that mounts closest to the wall is rounded so that he could rotate the arm without scratches or obstructions. The middle arm allows the user to adjust how long the arm stretches.

Personally, if I were handier with a saw and sander, I’d improve on Gaumond’s wall mount by using the legs of an old wooden chair for a more finished look. You could probably even sand and stain your own wood before making this handy bed mount.

Thanks Tom, for showing us how you made your iPad wall mount. Check out his profile on Instructables to find out what other projects he has made.  Speaking of Instructables, the community-based DIY website has an iPhone app now.

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