Behind the App: Play Creatividad and its Award-Winning iPoe Series

iPoebannerIt’s a busy time for literary digi-book developer Play Creatividad. The Barcelona-based iOS developer recently won a Publishing Innovation Award for iPoe — The Interactive and Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe Collection. While the Publishing Innovation Awards are still relatively new (the digital hive mind isn’t even referring to them as the PIAs yet) the winners include PadGadget fave Wine Simplified (PadGadget= 5 stars, and the list of past winners includes some of the most innovative and beautiful apps ever created.

Play Creatividad’s Francesc Tovar was kind enough to share a few thoughts on the developer’s recent honor, how iPoe came to be, and why books apps aren’t just kids’ stuff.

(PadGadget): I understand that iPoe won the Publishing Innovation Award for the best App 2013 in Fiction Category. Can you tell me a little about the award?

(Play Creatividad): The Publishing Innovation Awards (PIA) took place in New York City during the Digital Book World Conference. It rewards the most innovative e-books, enhanced books and book apps in 14 categories assessing quality, but also design and interactivity. The mission of the contest is highlighting authors and editors to inspire new ways of understanding the reading experience in the digital era.

(PG): What does it mean for the future of the iPoe app franchise?
(PC): That such an important organization as Digital Book World acknowledges the quality of the application reinforces our effort for creating technologically surprising, innovative, and quality content apps.

(PG): Why did you decide to create iPoe?
(PC): We love terror, reading, iOS and Poe. We believed we could do something really cool with his work in this platform, and realized that we could make more out of interactive ebooks for adults. So, we decided to jump into the pool!

(PG): What were the challenges to bring your app to market?
(PC): Nowadays it’s really difficult to create interactive books for adults, because people relate interactivity and illustration with children, and it’s hard to make them understand that iPoe can be enjoyable for adults as well.

(PG): Has the app been as profitable as you had hoped?
(PC): We are quite satisfied with the results and for that reason we launched the second volume in December. However, we would like to reach more people to be able to continue creating this kind of content.

(PG): Who are your favorite iOS app developers?
(PC): Tapbots is one of our references. Their apps are brilliant, with an excellent design. Also Andreas Illiger, Tiny Wings developer, is really talented and finally our friends from RobotMedia with their Worm World Saga.

(PG): Has the release of the iPad mini presented any challenges or opportunities?
(PC): We think the launch of the iPad mini was great, it works with the same resolution as the standard iPad, which is really great. On the other hand for the iPhone 5 we had to adapt the whole content. We can only hope that Apple won’t change the screen size in more devices!

Now it’s time for the speed round. Which term do you prefer?

Lightning or 30-pin? Lightning

Jobs or Cook? Jobs, of course 😉

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook, a Little while 😉

iPad or iPhone? iPhone

Wi-Fi or cellular? hahaha, Cellular!

Print or digital? Digital

Work or sleep? Sleep at work… 😉

Pie or cake? Carrot cake!

Fans of iPoe and iPoe 2 should note that Poe’s gothic poetic masterpiece “The Raven” is now available as an update in iPoe 2, and both apps are currently on sale in the app store for $1.99.


About Emily: Emily is a freelance writer who loves discovering new apps whenever she can pry the iPad away from her children or husband. You can contact her via Twitter: @whatwentwrite