500px Back in App Store, Adds ‘Report This Photo’ Button, Age Restriction


Last week, Apple rejected an update for the popular photography app 500px. The reviewer claimed that it violated the company’s regulations because it allowed users to search for nude photos. The app development team at 500px worked fast and hard to address the issue and, only a week later, Apple has approved the changes, bringing 500px back to the App Store.

The biggest change to the app is that it is now age restricted to 17 years old and older. When you tap to download or update the app, you’ll get the “Age Restricted” pop up message.

Another change made to the app is the addition of a “Report This Photo” button. In the original rejection from Apple, the reviewer claimed that complaints were made against the app, including images of child pornography. Now, users can report what they believe is offensive, adult content, copyrighted, or spam directly to 500px with the tap of a button.

500px report button

To access the report button, users must swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the comment section, and then switch to the photo info menu. At this screen, there is a grayed-out sentence that reads, “Report this photo” at the lower left side of the screen. When you tap the sentence, you’ll see a list of options you can report.

Thanks to those minor changes, 500px is now back in the App Store. Now they just need to address the irritatingly long load times for high-res images.

Download 500px in the App Store for free today, but only if you are over the age of 17.

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