PadGadget Photobooth – Check Out These Great Photography Magazines

cameraiconLast week I introduced PadGadget Photobooth, where I will be sharing photography apps and accessories that have been designed for Apple’s iPad. The iPad is a great resource for taking and editing pictures, but this week, I thought I would highlight another great use for the iPad – entertainment.

If you have a spare moment or two and are looking to learn some new photography tips, a photography magazine on your iPad can be just the ticket. There are actually quite a few photography magazines you can download, so I’ve decided to share a few of my favorites.

popularphotographyPopular Photography+ – Popular Photography+ is the digital version of the popular print magazine Popular Photography. It contains the same content that you will find in the print edition, along with iPad only features. In this month’s issue, readers can learn about landscape photography, the new Leica M Monochrom camera, amazing photographs from Carnivals around the world, and of course, plenty of photography tips and tricks. You can get a year subscription for just $14.99.


Snap Magazinesnap – Snap Magazine is from the makers of Hipstamatic, a popular iPhoneography app. This magazine is entirely free to download and read, and is updated on a regular basis. The app showcases popular photographs from around the world that were taken with Hipstamatic, and it’s a great read. In the January issue, you will find a DIY home guide, learn how to capture wedding moments, and read about other photographers who take pictures with iDevices.


Photography Weekphotographyweek – Photography Week is a digital only photography magazine that has been designed from scratch for the iPad. It is focused on iPad users with a passion for photography and every issue features video guides, slideshows, and other interactive material. The January issue contains a step-by-step guide on five home photography projects, a feature on a popular food photographer, and the essentials of capturing a breathtaking sunset. You can get a subscription to the magazine for $28.99 per year.


If you love photography and want to learn more about the hobby, these apps are a great start. They’ll teach you some introductory tips and tricks, and the first app I mentioned, Popular Photography, is an excellent resource for all kinds of information on new cameras, tutorials, and also a great way to see fantastic photos. These apps are useful no matter what kind of camera you use.

Make sure to tune into PadGadget Photobooth next week for even more iPad photography news and tips!

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