Staples Gearing Up to Sell Apple Products in US

staplestestAccording to recently discovered evidence, it appears that well-known office supply store Staples may soon be offering Apple products for sale both online and at their retail locations in the United States.

Currently, Staples sells Apple products internationally, but has been unable to secure deals to offer the products in the U.S., until now. Apple products have begun to appear on Staples’ website, in the form of an Apple Mock Up section that was discovered by 9to5Mac.

While the mock up site has now been taken down, there are still remnants of the remaining categories. The page originally listed an Apple TV with a price point of $49.99, which is half off of what an Apple TV typically retails for.

According to 9to5Mac, the Apple TV could not be added to a cart because the page listed the item as “out of stock,” but it did recommend other Apple products for purchase such as a $24.99 Lightning cable.

The page was accompanied by a “test” label, and still lists categories containing items like EarPods, Smart Covers, and Camera Adapters.

It does not appear that Staples will be carrying Apple’s more popular products like the iPad, but it does seem that Staples may have finally secured deals to offer Apple accessories in its stores. There’s no word yet on when Apple products might officially show up at Staples’ locations, but the test page on the website is a clear indication that it might be very soon.

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