PadGadget’s iPad Tips: Things You Can Do With Your iPad When Connected to iTunes

iTunes Sync 3

Welcome back to PadGadget’s iPad Tips. We want to make sure you know everything there is to know about your iPad, even stuff you didn’t know you needed to know. Last week, we told you about a helpful app that covers all the basics in an employee training manual way. KikStart is a great app for people who have just taking their new iPad out of the box for the first time.

This week, we are going to talk about syncing your iPad with your computer through iTunes.

Now that Apple offers syncing with iCloud, most people don’t ever plug their iPad into their computer anymore. Why should they? There is no need to back anything up. You can even download large files when Apple has major operating system upgrades.

There are a few things that make plugging in every once in a while worth the effort. We’ve got some tips and tricks for things you can do with your iPad when you sync it with iTunes.

iTunes Sync 2Manage Application– When you sync your iPad with iTunes, you’ll be able to add and remove every application you’ve ever downloaded. If you are like me, you may have hundreds of apps on your iPad at any given time. I try to delete unused apps as often as possible, but they tend to get away from me pretty quickly. Instead of trying to delete them right on the iPad, you can manage them from iTunes. Once connected, click on the “Apps” tab at the top of your iTunes screen. You’ll see a list of apps on the left side and an image of your iPad on the right. You can add and remove apps from the list and click to delete apps from the images. You can also move apps around on the image screen, just like you would on the iPad. Just click and hold on an app and drag it to the screen you want it to move to. You can even drop it into a folder. While on the App page, scroll down until you see the “File Sharing” section.

iTunes Sync 4File Sharing– In this section, you’ll see a list of apps on the left side of the screen and a box on the right with the sentence “Select apps from the list on the left to view the documents that are on your iPad.” Click on one of the apps on that list. Let’s use GoodReader as an example. Once you’ve clicked on the app, a list of documents that are compatible with File Sharing appear on the right side. You can add and remove documents by dragging and dropping to and from the list. You can also add files by selecting the “add” tab, or move files from your iPad to your computer by selecting the “Save To” tab. If your best friend just gave you a jump drive with a bunch of comic books on it, you can move them onto your iPad very easily using File Sharing. Just find the file and put it in the box. You can use File Sharing for a lot of different apps, including photography and music apps. Just see what is on your list to know what you can use.

iTunes Sync 1Manage Media– You can also manage your music in iTunes. Click on the “Music” tab and select the “Sync Music” item. You can try to fit your entire music library into your iPad, or select specific artists, albums, genres, or playlists. I like to have a lot of playlists on my iPad for party purposes. That way, I can set up my iPad in a good spot in a room and send music to my speakers through AirPlay. You can do the same thing with movies, TV shows, podcasts, books (and audio books), and photos. Simply select the “Sync X” item (where X is the medium) and pick what you want to add to your iPad. Once you’ve managed your apps, moved files in or out through File Sharing, and synced your other media, hit the “Apply” tab at the bottom, right of iTunes. All of your changes will be made. It may take a while, depending on how much you’ve changed.

If you’ve never tried syncing your iPad with iTunes, just plug it into your iTunes-enabled computer and get started. You can even set it up to allow you to sync over local Wi-Fi in the future so you don’t even have to plug your iPad into your computer in the future. Check out Apple’s How-To guide for syncing your iPad here.

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