Chilly (or Chili) Anyone? Warm Up with Crock-Pot’s Official Recipes – iPad App Review

crockpotappThere is, without question, something a little magical about slow cookers. You put your ingredients in and — boom — dinner. That’s especially true during the cold winter months when soups and stews are tempting.

Arguably the biggest name in the world of slow cookers, CROCK-POT has recently joined the ever-growing number of iPad recipe apps with CROCK-POT™ Recipes—OFFICIAL APP for the CROCK-POT® Slow Cooker.

Despite it’s lengthy title, with it’s belt and suspenders approach to trademark protection, Crock-Pot’s app offers a direct, no-nonsense approach to getting dinner on the table. And, with the Superbowl on tap this Sunday, Crock-Pot’s app may help feed a crowd of hungry football fans.

Crock-Pot’s app includes 250 recipes, with free updates promised each month. The app allows the user to sort the recipes in a variety of different ways, as well as to peruse all the recipes at once.

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The app’s UI helps simplify recipe preparation. It also offers a voice command option should the user wish to avoid touching the iPad while cooking. The user can save favorites to the recipe box, share recipes with friends, and print recipes with Air-Play. There’s also a shopping list module, as well as a notes section, which helps keep the user organized.

Tap the info button in the upper-right corner to access the shopping list and timers, as well as reference information such as conversions and substitutions similar to what users may find in a printed cookbook.

When I reviewed Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker for iPad last August, I was impressed by the app, but felt it hogged too much of my iPad’s storage and it lacked a search function. At just 12.5 MB, Crock-Pot’s app is small enough to squeeze onto any crowded iPad, and includes search capabilities, and offers more than double the number of recipes. Crock-Pot’s app is, however, much less innovative that NYMSC. Fans of one app will likely find little use for the other, but it’s nice to have a choice.

Download Crock-Pot’s Official iPad app from the App Store for $3.99. This universal app offers additional recipe packs through in-app purchase.

What I liked: The “top rated” filter offers the user a way to quickly see the app’s best offerings, and the list of 49 dishes included many entrees that benefit from a slow cooker including pulled pork, sloppy joes, beef stew, and a variety of casseroles. The app also allows the user to add her own recipes, which makes it possible to keep all of ones slow cooker recipes in the same place.

What I didn’t like: The “stir” function strikes me as silly. These recipes are functional, but there’s so little variety that each attempt to shuffle the recipes yielded very similar results: soup, stew, roasted meat. Also, there is only one how-to video, so I’m not sure why this section was included.  Perhaps it will be updated in the future.

To buy or not to buy: The app’s simplicity makes it a great choice for novice cooks, but anyone on a restricted diet may find fewer choices. Much like the slow cooker whose name it shares, Crock-Pot’s recipes cater to fans of hearty meat and potatoes or heavier mixed dishes with traditional ingredients.

About Emily: Emily is a freelance writer who loves discovering new apps whenever she can pry the iPad away from her children or husband. You can contact her via Twitter: @whatwentwrite

  • lorygil

    Thanks for posting this review. I love my CrockPot and make stuff in it all winter long.