Rovio Could Go the Third Party Route to Launch Tiny Thief in the Spring


Rovio may have their next title available this spring (by way of a small third-party developer from Barcelona). Previewed at the GDC last year, Tiny Thief is labeled as a ‘mind boggling adventure’ that engages you as a thief who is very busy “creating diversions, setting traps, and avoiding obstacles to get to the goal on each level.”

Initial reviews of the title indicated that the game was impressive if not unexpected (somehow effectively combining things like: a camp, a candy store, and a robot).

With Rovio’s name behind the title, Tiny Thief will be full of missions, stories and items to steal and is expected to maintain the strong character development and now-signature ‘cute overall design’ that we have come to expect from in-house development (like that found in their more-than-slightly-successful Angry Birds franchise that enjoys a mere billion or so installs).

If this rumor proves true, it is the first third-party investment from Rovio. With the power and prestige found behind the Rovio name and brand, their endorsement and investment is very significant for a small developer –but it is also a huge risk if the title ends up being sub-par or a departure from a style that made them so well-known.

Unlike many other development houses, Rovio also excels in another avenue: merchandising. This likely translates into the potential for a line-up of Tiny Thief dolls and candies and who knows what else in an effort to support their marketing endeavors (as well as the search for profit).

Unfortunately, we still have a while to wait before we can give this title a try. While a specific release date is not yet known, expectations range from a launch later this spring to sometime in the summer.

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