Get More Free Apps From Crate&’s Get the Download

cbstoreAs we reported last October, home goods retailer Crate and Barrel offers website visitors some great iOS freebies through Get the Download, its digital giveaway program. Though the apps don’t change as often as the Starbucks Pick of the Week, the selections are high quality choices, which include a variety of different kinds of apps. Whether you’re a movie fan, word game enthusiast, or amateur mixologist, this great list has an app or two for you.

Download either (or both) the iPad and iPhone/iPod versions of EA Sports’ Scrabble. Thanks to the latest update, Scrabble allows players to keep up to 50 different games going at once.

Movie trivia fans will enjoy checking out Movie Cat and Movie Cat HD. Again, Crate and Barrel offers links to both the iPhone/iPod version and the iPad version. Movie Cat combines movie trivia with tricky puzzles, and (of course) cats. The iPad version allows for multi-player mode (pass ‘n’ play).

But wait, you can also pick up Tapeulator (iPhone-only), a calculator that makes hanging pictures on the wall much simpler. Tapeulator handles math with complicated fractions, then displays the answer on a digital tape measure to minimize confusion, and makes hanging art work a little less daunting.

Crate and Barrel is still offering Inkling’s Speakeasy Cocktails (PadGadget Top 5) and the iBook version of Colin Meloy’s Wildwood. Plus, the site offers a free iTunes playlist with tracks from Atlas Sound and Young the Giant.

We hope Crate and Barrel continues this program, since it’s an easy-to-use way to get some terrific iOS apps for free.

About Emily: Emily is a freelance writer who loves discovering new apps whenever she can pry the iPad away from her children or husband. You can contact her via Twitter: @whatwentwrite