Entertainment Weekly Has First-Look Preview of jOBS, Woz Says Its Totally Wrong


News of the upcoming biopic, “jOBS” is really starting to heat up. Entertainment Weekly recently posted a one-minute clip of the film and Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak immediately sent word that the personalities and interactions were, “Totally wrong.”

The clip shows Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Wozniak walking through an underground parking lot discussing the latter’s new design for an operating system. Jobs reprimands Wozniak for not seeing the big picture of how this idea could become the future of home computing.

“This is freedom to create, and to do, and to build as artists and individuals,” says Jobs.

“You’re overacting,” replies Wozniak. “… nobody wants to buy a computer.”

The real-life Wozniak quickly responded in the comment section to a posting of the clip on Gizmodo.

Not close…we never had such interaction and roles…I’m not even sure what it’s getting at…personalities are very wrong although mine is closer…don’t forget that my purpose was inspired by the values of the Homebrew Computer Club along with ideas of the value of such machines and Steve J. wasn’t around and didn’t attend the club so he was the one learning about such social impact of the future.

Basically, what Wozniak was saying is that he was the one talking about the future of home computing.

Wozniak presented his case even further in an email to Gizmodo.

Totally wrong. Personalities and where [sic] the ideas of computers affecting society did not come from Jobs. They inspired me and were widely spoken at the Homebrew Computer Club. Steve came back from Oregon and came to a club meeting and didn’t start talking about this great social impact. His idea was to make a $20 PC board and sell it for $40 to help people at the club build the computer I’d given away. Steve came from selling surplus parts at HalTed he always saw a way to make a quick buck off my designs (this was the 5th time).

The lofty talk came much further down the line.

I never looked like a professional. We were both kids. Our relationship was so different than what was portrayed. I’m embarrassed but if the movie is fun and entertaining, all the better. Anyone who reads my book iWoz can get a clearer picture.

It is fairly known that Wozniak has a different interpretation of history than Jobs. When the former CEO’s biography came out, Woz had plenty of rebuttals to what Jobs had claimed. To find out his side of the story, check out iWoz.

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