Wacky App Wednesday: Flee from a Zombie Apocalypse in Organ Trail

organtrailWelcome to Wacky App Wednesday! This is the inaugural post of PadGadget’s newest app series, which will highlight one crazy awesome app each week. These apps may be silly, weird, bizarre, funky, funny, strange, or nutty, and they are all guaranteed to be just a little bit off the wall.

Of course, I never want to recommend an app or a game that isn’t a worthwhile download, so you can always expect these slightly zany apps to be high quality, from reputable developers, and worth purchasing.

This week I wanted to feature a game that has been in the App Store for a few months, but deserves some extra time in the spotlight. Originally a flash game, Organ Trail: Director’s Cut is a much creepier version of the pioneering game that you used to play in grade school.


That’s right, Organ Trail is based on the classic computer game Oregon Trail, except instead of heading towards new land and opportunities on the west coast, you’re fleeing from a deadly zombie apocalypse.

Like in the original game, you will be managing a team of travelers. You must keep them healthy and fed, but there’s no wagon in this game – instead, you will be driving a beat up old car.


There’s no typhoid or cholera, but you will need to contend with zombie bites, and hunting for food requires some serious skill avoiding hordes of undead. If you played Oregon Trail as a child, you will love this challenging grown up version.

The game also features fantastic retro graphics that will get you right into the spirit of the game. Heading West has never been so dangerous. The game also just received a major update with new events and an endless mode, so this is a great time to purchase it.

You can download Organ Trail: Director’s Cut from the App Store for $2.99.

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