Top Ten Best Free Games for the iPad

ipadgameWe often feature free apps and games on PadGadget, and this week we thought we would share a list of some of our favorite games that are free to play, because there have been some great new titles released in the last few weeks.

Check out our list after the break for a great rundown on some of the best free apps in Apple’s App Store. Some are new, some are old, but all of them are worth downloading.

Temple Run 2 templerun2– Temple Run 2 is the follow up to the hit endless runner Temple Run. This new game incorporates the same gameplay that you know and love from the original version, but it features all new gameplay mechanics like zip lines and mine carts, along with updated graphics and a new fluid game design that makes Temple Run 2 even better than the first version of Temple Run.


Angry Birds Rio HDangrybirdsrio – Angry Birds Rio HD is only free for a limited time, so make sure to download it right away. This game features the ultra popular Angry Birds gameplay, set in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro and starring Blu and Jewel, two characters from the hit motion picture, Rio. If you have played and enjoyed other games in the Angry Birds series, don’t pass up this free download.


The Blockheadstheblockheads – The Blockheads is a newer game that is essentially a 2-D version of Minecraft. The idea is to collect blocks, build, and explore, while completing a series of achievements. This is a freemium game so you will have to wait a significant amount of time in between some tasks unless you want to shell out cash, but the gameplay is addictive and worth trying.


Subway Surferssubwaysurfers – Subway Surfers is a fun endless hover surfing game that is free to play. In this app you take on the roll of a surfer in the subway, dashing forward as fast as possible while avoiding dangerous oncoming trains. There are plenty of obstacles to avoid, along with crazy acrobatics to pull off, resulting in some hectic, fast paced gameplay that is a ton of fun.


amazingantsAmazing Ants – Amazing Ants is a popular new free app that just came out last week. In this game you will help the hungry ants bring food back to their nest. You will fly with rocket sticks, tunnel underground, float in soap bubbles, and bounce in water sprinklers. The game features vibrant graphics, cute characters, and controls that are easy to grasp.


jetpackjoyrideJetpack Joyride – Jetpack Joyride is a game that has been around for over a year, but it is still worth talking about. It’s made by the same developers who made Fruit Ninja, and in the game you suit up with a jetpack and take on the role of Barry Steakfries, a hero on a mission to fly as far as possible. The game features several different jetpacks and power ups, which make Jetpack Joyride endlessly exciting.


kickthebossKick the Boss 2 – Do you work in a stressful environment? Are you fed up with your boss? If so, might want to download Kick the Boss 2, which allows you to virtually beat up your boss with an array of deadly weapons, letting you blow off some steam. The original Kick the Boss had more than 16 million downloads and the sequel is shaping up to be just as popular.


pocketplanesPocket Planes – Pocket Planes from NimbleBit is a free game that I still pick up from time to time. It was originally released in June of 2012, and like Pocket Frogs and Tiny Tower, it is an entirely addictive example of freemium done right. In this game you will take on the role of an airline operator, routing planes around the world for profit. The idea is to manage and grow your small fleet, turning it into a thriving airline.


thesandboxThe Sandbox – The Sandbox is an open world game where you will design your very own universe from the ground up, beginning with just a few pixels. You will combine different pixels to create new elements, and then combine elements to create life, grow plants, find animals, and evolve your tiny world into a thriving ecosystem. If you enjoy world building, The Sandbox is not to be missed.


littleamazonLittle Amazon – Little Amazon is a free platformer that was released last week. In the game you will play as Lily, a little girl fleeing from the evil demon Gruul. In this game the goal is to go as far as possible, using agility and special abilities. You will also collect coins, complete missions, and develop Lily’s powers to get even further in the game.

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