Organize Your College Life With Class+ – iPad App Review

Class+ LogoIf you haven’t already started this year’s college term, you are probably preparing for the upcoming first day of instruction within the week. Soon, you’ll be hustling around, trying to figure out where the engineering building is and how fast you can get from Spanish II to Statistics. What you need is a class organizer.

Class+ is an app that keeps your courses, notes, homework schedule, and grades all in one convenient location.

Users start by entering a course and information associated with it. For example, you’ll enter the courses name, like English 1A. Then add the term you are attending, like spring semester. Next, you’ll add the instructor’s name, a brief description of the course, and the location. Once you’ve entered the basic data, you can start importing tasks.

Tasks can be homework assignments, exams, research papers, and more. Each task can be categorized, dated, and the point score for graded work entered.

Class+ 5 Class+ 4

You can also take notes within each category. Tap the “N” at the bottom right side of the screen to access the note-taking feature. You can title your notes (I like to date mine), add PDF attachments, and record audio of a lecture or study session.

As you complete homework assignments and tests, add your grade to the task list to see a graph of your classes’ grade point averages. This will help you keep track of which classes need extra help, and which classes you can slide by in.

If you have other classmates that also use Class+ you can send messages to them through this app. For example, if you missed a class, you could ask your classmate what that day’s homework assignment is.

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Although there are some nifty organizational tools in this app, there are quite a few things wrong with it. For example, I couldn’t figure out how to get the PDF attachment feature to work. The automatic GPA graph only worked on one course. There is no help guide or user how-to. Even if you try to get support by clicking the link from the app’s summary page, you’ll be sent to the developer’s Facebook feed instead of a website with FAQs or a basic instruction guide. There are so many irritating omissions that I almost skipped this app. However, the low price point makes it worth checking out if you don’t care about the GPA tracker or adding PDF attachments to your notes.

Class+ 1

What I Liked: It is very easy to keep all of your study-related assignments and notes in one convenient location. I especially like being able to record audio while taking notes.

What I Didn’t Like: The app really needs a user guide. There were also a couple of unexplained issues, like not being able to generate a GPA tracker.

To Buy or Not to Buy: The price is fairly inexpensive for what you get. You’ll find yourself paying a lot more for the same features in some of the other student organization apps. If you are on a tight budget, you might get some good use out of this app. I wouldn’t spend more than a dollar on it, though.

  • Name: Class Plus
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Category: Productivity
  • Developer: Dsafaric
  • Price: $0.99
  • Score:

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