Steve Jobs’ House Burglar Sentenced to Seven Years

Jobs House

This past July, a bold but unwise burglar thought it would be a good idea to break into the home of Apple’s former CEO. Late at night on July 17, Kariem McFarlin, 35, broke into Steve Jobs’ Palo Alto home and stole approximately $60,000 worth of laptops, iPads and other personal possessions. On Friday, McFarlin was sentenced to seven years in a California State Prison.

McFarlin was tracked down in August of 2012 with the help of the Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team (REACT), a Silicon Valley high-tech crime unit consisting of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

According to IDG News Service, REACT officers found McFarlin by using security software from Apple to track the stolen devices through their serial numbers with connections to Apple iTunes servers.

You may recall that Kenny the Clown received one of the stolen devices from his friend, McFarlin. Using the same technology tracked to the criminal, they were able to find the iPad given to Kenny, who claimed no knowledge of the theft.

McFarlin admitted to the theft at Waverly Street, consisting of two iMacs, three iPads, three iPods, one Apple TV, a diamond necklace and earrings, plus several other personal items. He also confessed to burglarizing other homes in the San Francisco area, amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of property. Jobs’ home was not targeted for it’s owners, but was a random theft that ended up being the wrong house for the tech criminal.

McFarlin will serve seven years in an unnamed California state prison for the thefts. He did not dispute the charges in court. In addition to serving time, McFarlin was ordered to pay restitution to the victims of his crimes.

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