Never Forget Your Shopping LIst Again with Shopping Pro (Grocery List) – iPad App Review

shoppingHow many times have you realized that you forgot your shopping list at about the same time as you pulled into the parking lot at your favorite grocery store? Ever make it home only to be reminded by your spouse that they needed you to grab an extra ingredient for supper?

Anybody with a memory that can occasionally fail them will benefit greatly from Shopping Pro (Grocery List): a shopping list app that uses the power of iCloud sync to give your entire family the ability to “share, modify and shop with a common, living list whenever and wherever they are.”

There are dozens of hundreds of thousands of apps that let you make a list on your iPad. None that I have tried offer the flexibility and features of Shopping Pro (Grocery List). The master catalog contains over 1500 items, making it very easy to add your favorite stand-by items like bread or milk –but more than that you can specify the type of bread (pita, French, whole grain, etc.) and even re-categorize them if it fits somewhere better for your personal use.

The price feature comes in handy for budgeting. As you purchase familiar items, start adding their prices and soon you will have the ability to see just how much your upcoming shopping trip is likely to cost you.

What I liked: I love that this app is universal and syncs with iCloud, making it very easy for the entire family to contribute to the same list. Now when your teenager tells you that they drank the last of the juice you can remind them to just add it to the shopping list –if it isn’t on there, you won’t be grabbing it!

What I didn’t like: It is a very minor thing, but I wish the app was more colorful. The brown and beige color scheme is very dull and makes the app a little less fun to work with.

To buy or not to buy: Whether you shop for one or an entire large family, Shopping Pro (Grocery List) is the perfect app to take the load off your mind of trying to remember.


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    ** From the developer **

    FYI, Shopping Pro comes with a ‘Customized Design’ feature with 11 pre-set themes. Beyond that, you’re free to choose your own colors and textures for the background, tables, header, and text throughout the app. I’ve used other default designs in the past (w/ Packing Pro), but I eventually decided that using a more neutral theme would let users concentrate more on the content and substance, and not be potentially distracted by the style. Besides, users are free to customize their own design however they wish. Thanks again for the great review, and I hope your users like my app!