I Am Vegend: Zombiegeddon: The Title Says It All – iPad App Review

I Am Vegend LogoExpanding on the idea of Plants vs. Zombies, this arcade game gives plants some powerful weapons and they don’t need sunshine to grow. When you are the last veggie standing, you don’t worry about when the sun will come up.

Players take charge of a seed-spitting sunflower in an all out war against oncoming zombies. As the fight goes on, free your vegetable friends and they will help destroy the zombies.

There are smashing pumpkins, grenade throwing tomatoes, and more. Each veggie has a special ability. For example, the pumpkin can land anywhere on the screen and blow up nearby enemies.

There are 45 different missions, including “Carrots on Fire” and “Saving Private Pumpkin.” Each mission requires players to either attack with ranged weapons, carpet bomb enemies, rescue caged veggies, or some other battle warfare.

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Players earn coins for completing missions within a certain amount of time and loosing the least amount of seeds. Coins are used to upgrade veggie soldiers. They can also be used to purchase more health if you get into a sticky situation during the battle. You also have the option to buy coins through in-app purchases if you don’t feel like waiting to earn them.

After the first veggie upgrade, things get pretty pricey. The cost to upgrade the sunflower jumps from 1,100 coins to 15,000 coins. You can earn about 200 to 400 coins fairly easily in one level. As levels increase, you earn more coins during gameplay by collecting dropped loot, but you won’t be earning 15,000 coins in any kind of speedy way. Even though it costs $1.99 just to download the game, it is clear that buying upgrades is the way to go.

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Additional health only costs 750 coins for one, or 1,800 for three. So, it would be smarter to save your money and spend it on health upgrades or temporary invincibility.

Overall, this is a fun game for fans of the castle defense genre. It is similar to games like Plants vs. Zombies without being a copycat. There are plenty of other missions and tasks to make I Am Vegend entertaining.

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What I liked: I liked that each mission had a different goal. Sometimes, you are rescuing veggies. Sometimes you are popping explosive balloons. Every level is different.

What I didn’t like: The upgrades are too expensive. We have to pay $1.99 just to play the games. The developers shouldn’t ask us to spend real cash for in-app purchases.

To buy or not to buy: Fans of castle defense games will enjoy the variety this app has to offer. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself spending extra money on upgrades, but at least your soldiers will be tough as nails instead of soft like cucumbers.

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