Win Big With Big Win Basketball – iPad App Review

Big Win BBall LogoDennis Rodman is back in business with collaboration on a new stats-based trading card game about basketball. In connection with Hothead Games, Rodman lent his gaming expertise for the development of Big Win Basketball.

Players are given a random start pack of virtual cards to use for the game. The deck will have at least five player cards, plus action cards, or “Big Impact” cards.

Once your deck is built, you can name your team. You can also customize the look of each individual teammate, including name, team number, country of origin, hairstyle, hair color, skin color, facial features, and uniform colors.

After you’ve customized your team, pick the Big Impact cards you want to use in the game. The cards you choose will affect how the game will play out. Each card has certain bonuses that help your players in the game. For example, “Cashing In Dimes” increases your team’s ability to make passes.

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You can watch the entire game and pay attention to where your players need to work on their skills, or you can skip to the end of the game to quickly find out who has won the game.

The end game results shows you all the game stats and box score information you need to improve your team’s skills. You team’s performance determines how many coins you earn as a reward. You can use your coins to purchase new card packs for more games.

You can enter tournaments to win big bucks and raise in the ranks. You will play against other online opponents who have created their own team.

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This game is definitely intended to get you to spend money. It is free to download, but there are lots of reasons you might want to spend cash on in-app purchases. For example, you can only play a certain number of games before you run out of energy, which you can buy more of through an in-app purchase. You can only customize your team once without having to pay for new changes. You can get better Big Impact cards by spending “Bucks,” which are hard to come by in the game. You either have to purchase them or get them free by activating a TapJoy action, like signing up for a gym membership.

Although you will probably end up spending more money than you want to this game is loads of fun. Fans of basketball will enjoy the ability to watch the entire game unfold like a real basketball game. Fans of deck-building card games will enjoy the randomness of the Big Impact cards.

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What I liked: This is a fairly comprehensive stats game. Players increase their team’s skills using randomly generated card decks. It feels like real-life basketball trading card gaming.

What I didn’t like: The design is cluttered and difficult to navigate. When you play in a tournament, you don’t get paired up with other teams with the same skill level, yet you can sometimes win against teams that are 20 levels above you. This seems wrong.

To buy or not to buy: Since it is free to download, I’d recommend trying it if you are a basketball fan. You can’t actually play the game like you would in an arcade game, but you can create a team, add bonuses, and watch them compete against online players. Be warned that this game is geared toward getting you to spend more money through in-app purchases.

  • Name: Big Win Basketball
  • Version Reviewed: 2.0.3
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Hothead Games
  • Price: Free
  • Score:

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  • David

    I don’t see how to add player skills without the ! flashing over the player. HELP!