Rumored Messenger For iPad To Debut At Facebook Press Event?


App developers on the Facebook team seem to think that it is more important to get something out for phone users than tablet users.

Sure, there are more iPhones in consumer hands than there are iPads. But, those numbers are quickly changing. In order to meet the demand of Facebooking tablet owners, the social networking giant had better get moving.

Last May, we heard mumblings from the front line that Facebook was working on a native iPad Messenger app. Yesterday, TechCrunch reported hearing from someone close to the situation that Facebook Messenger for iPad is ready to go and it may even be launched at tomorrow’s “Come See What We’re Building” press event.

It’s about time. We’ve been waiting on the Facebook chat client on the iPad for far too long. Just like the official Facebook for iPad app, we’ve been sitting on our hands for over a year while the development team takes its sweet time. Admittedly, the Facebook for iPad app was stunningly beautiful with a fantastic user-interface that made the wait worthwhile. But, that’s beside the point. We want our Messenger app and we want it now.

According to TechCrunch, the native iPad app will include video chat, VoIP, and voice messaging. Not only will you be able to tell your friends what show you are watching at the moment through Facebook posts, you’ll also be able to video call your mom while watching it.

Now that Facebook owns Instagram, lets hope the iPad announcement includes an optimized version of the social photography phenomenon, too. Instagram for iPad is long overdue.

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