Changes Pricing Strategy to Compete with Amazon’s Audible

Audiobooks appListening to audio books instead of reading them is becoming more popular every day. Now that consumers have immediate access to thousands of titles that can be downloaded directly to their iPad, iPhone, or other mobile device, it is no wonder that is trying to compete with the likes of Audible for audio book consumers.

The former has struggled during its first year of existence, trying to compete with the biggest audio book retailer in the world. One of the biggest problems is the price.

Today, has announced that it is dropping the monthly subscription price and offering tiered subscriptions in order to entice iOS user. Now, instead of the $24.95 unlimited book option, is offering the same pricing scale as Audible.

According to TechCrunch, is lowering the price of book downloads by giving subscribers the ability to download only one book per month for $14.95. If you have a lot of quiet time on your hands, you could upgrade your subscription to two books for $22.95 per month.

The company reviewed user behavior and determined that the one or two book offer is appropriate for their customers. The majority of their subscribers were only downloading one or two books per month anyway. has a lot of work to do if it wants to compete on the same playing field as Audible. Both offer the same type of service, and now at the same price, although Audible offers other pricing plans for more books per month. Audible offers more than 100,000 titles, while is significantly smaller with only 25,000 titles. Both have mobile apps, although Audible’s app is available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Kindle while the Audiobooks app is only available on iOS and Android. Audible also allows users to burn books to CD and does not. However, offers streaming audio books and Audible does not.

What it comes down to is whom you want to give your money to. It is the battle of the independent business versus the multinational mega corporation. Audible is like Wal-Mart while is like the local bookstore that your friend from high school opened up. Who would you rather support?

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