Apple Wants you to Pick the Right Gift for your Chinese Buddies

Chinese New Year Guide ImageEvery year around this time, Apple launches a gift guide similar to what the U.S. sees for Christmas. The Chinese New Year gift guide recently launched on Apple’s Hong Kong website. Included in the catalogue is, of course, the iPad mini, plus plenty of fun and exiting accessories to brighten any New Year celebration.

This year’s New Years Gift Guide includes the Smart Cover for iPad mini, Griffin’s new Crayola ColorStudio HD +, the iRig KEYS external keyboard, Logitech’s new line of mobile boomboxes, Disney’s Creative Studio Smart Stylus and Blue Microphone’s Sparks Digital Condenser Mic.

The guide also includes accessories for the newest generation of iPod touch and MacBook Pro. During the Chinese New Year shopping season, which ends on the first day of the New Year celebration on February 10, Apple is offering free shipping on all items, as well as a gift-wrapping option.

Admittedly, Apple’s Chinese New Year gift guide is significantly smaller than the U.S. Christmas gift guide, but we are known for our overconsumption of goods.

[Via: TUAW]

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