Polaroid Presents New External Telescopic Lens for iPad At CES 2013

Polaroid Lens

The Olloclip is probably the most popular camera lens to turn your iPhone into something more camera-friendly. The iPad doesn’t get a lot of love in that department, but today Polaroid is showing off a new line of cases with snap-on camera lenses that work seamlessly with the iPad and iPad mini.

The brightly colored cases fit snuggly onto the device. On the iPad, it is a crisscross strap that looks a little like a sports bra. The iPad mini case covers the back of the device entirely.

The lenses are designed specifically to snap onto the case. There are three different versions, a telephoto lens with a two-foot zoom, a “telezoom” lens with a three-foot zoom and a fisheye lens to take in more of the surrounding area in a photo.

The fisheye lens and telezoom lens are made from a metal base and the telephoto lens is made with a white plastic base.

The cases and lenses are scheduled to be out sometime in March with a retail price between $19.99 and $29.99.

Polaroid has been a household name in photography for 75 years. They were the first to create a self-developing instant camera. By 2008, Polaroid shut down the instant camera department and began focusing on the digital age. Today, the company has reinvented itself with Android-powered cameras, children’s tablets, and even an upcoming retail store that has been created and designed in a similar fashion as Apple retail stores. The new lenses are sure to be a hit with the iPhonography community.

Visit the company’s website to find out more about the official launch of the products.

[Via: CultofMac]

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