Musemee Notier Stylus — iPad Gear Review


If you’re ready to move on from the stylus you were born with (a.k.a. your finger) to one with a bit more precision then consider the Musemee Notier stylus. Made of brushed aluminum, this stylus is available in metal grey, silver or red.

Like the Adonit Jot, which went from Kickstarter project to retail, the Musemee Notier includes a clear flat disc at its tip. The disc surrounds a pointy rubber tip about the size of a typical ballpoint pen.

I tested the stylus with a variety of apps including Paper, Noteshelf, and Notability. The stylus performed as well as any other stylus I’ve used in all three applications.


I’d categorize the Musemee Notier (rather unscientifically) as a mid-weight stylus, meaning I’ve used styli that weigh more (XStylus Touch) and less (Boxwave).

When you’re done using the stylus, simply unscrew the top, invert it, and the stylus is capped and ready to be tossed in a backpack, purse, or briefcase.

Purchase the Musemee Notier from the company website, Amazon, or eBay for $15.99. Replacement tips retail for $5.99.

What I liked: The cap and the replaceable tips set the Musemee Notier apart from many other styli on the market. I particularly appreciate that the cap is built in, so I can’t lose it. The pointy tip felt more like writing with a real pen, and I think it improved the clarity of my handwriting on the iPad. I didn’t experience the slight drag I usually notice with the foam stylus, and I preferred the disc-style tip.

What I didn’t like: Nothing!

To buy or not to buy: Styli preferences differ among individuals, but any iPad user who prefers the disc-style tip to the foam tip will be pleased with the Musemee Notier. It’s also a great value for the price.

  • Accessory Name: Musemee Notier
  • Catagory: Stylus
  • Company: Musemee
  • Colors: Metal Grey, Silver, Red
  • Price: $15.99
  • Score:

About Emily: Emily is a freelance writer who loves discovering new apps whenever she can pry the iPad away from her children or husband. You can contact her via Twitter: @whatwentwrite

  • Pierre Benckendorff

    These are very similar to the Dagi Stylus (also from Taiwan).

  • Aris St James

    I just received my notifier today. Before the tip broke off I was able to use the Notier on Art and Noteshelf. Compared to Adonit Jot Pro, the Notier’s performance was dismal. It did not glide smoothly and contact was hit or miss, most often miss. I was very disappointed as I thought that Adonit had serious competition. I hope that the pen I received was a fluke.

  • Bernard Glassman

    So far the Notier seems to be doing ok among Amazon reviewers. One hopes that the one that broke so quickly was a fluke. On a related note, you seem to suggest that there are only two tip materials, foam or disc. Don’t forget the stuff that they’re also putting in gloves for use with the stylus we’re born with (I loved that) — electroconductive fabric, which can be found on retractible (!) styli for as little as 2 for $10US on Amazon. (I have no financial interest.) There are also the brushes made of electroconductive fibers. Definitely an acquired taste, IMHO. I’m going to get a Notier to see if it doesn’t break. I’ll try to remember to leave my observations here.

    • xtinaaa6

      Wanted to chime in and say that companies have also been coming out with microfiber tips as well. I use LYNKtec’s TruGlide Pro stylus and it actually has the same material for a tip used for many screen-cleaning cloths. I was never a fan of rubber so I decided to look around and found that one. But the electroconductive fabric sounds like something from the Jetson’s! Can’t wait to see what they come up with next…