Magic Cube Projects Virtual Keyboard for Typing Anywhere

magic cube

Maybe we didn’t get our jetpacks in the 21st century like we thought we would, but at least we have laser-powered keyboards. Celluon showed off their virtual Bluetooth-enabled keyboard at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The Magic Cube keyboard works by projecting a display onto a flat surface using infrared lasers and touch sensor technology to allow you to type without needing an actual, physical keyboard.

The keyboard doubles as a multitouch mouse using specific gestures that are read on your device as mouse movements. It connects to any Bluetooth-enabled device, including the iPad, iPhone and Mac computer.

It is not entirely unlike Hammacher Schlemmer’s virtual keyboard, only Celluon’s futuristic technology is almost half the price.

9to5Mac writer Seth Weintraub was at CES and had a chance to try out the Magic Cube. From the video, he is able to easily type without error and claims that the keystrokes are very responsive. However, if you listen closely, you’ll hear the Celluon representative say that most people have problems getting it to work because they type with their palms resting on the surface in front of them. Weintraub was ticking away at the keys using the hunt-and-peck style of untrained typing. I’d like to see the magic cube in the hands of someone who has taken a typing class or two and uses the feel of the keyboard instead of eyes to find letters. Without the tactile sensation of the pad and the familiar raised dots on the “j” and “f” keys, how does one touch type?

Celluon has had the Magic Cube on the market for about a year now. It is available at select online retailers for $118, including Amazon. Check out the video below to see the in-person demonstration from 9to5Mac.

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