Amazon Introduces AutoRip Service, and Yes it Still Works With Your iOS Devices

Amazon AutoRipIf you have been buying music since the mid-nineties, then you probably have a fairly large collection of compact discs. Even though technology had moved beyond the CD, it is still the most popular way to buy music. Today, Amazon has announced a way to make the act of transferring your CDs to your computer (and then your iPad) easier with AutoRip.

Amazon’s newest attempt to stay on top of the retail market is all about music. These days, most people buy (or steal) digital music by downloading it from various websites or from music services like iTunes. However, you can still walk into a brick-and-mortar store and purchase a CD. You can also order them from online retailers like Amazon. Most people will immediately stick their CDs into their optical disc drive (the thing that plays your CDs on your computer) and copy the album so it can be transferred to various devices, like an iPhone or iPad.

As technology advances, things like optical disc drives are becoming obsolete. Apple’s MacBook Air and even the new line of iMacs are missing the feature. How are people supposed to rip their CDs without one?

Amazon is taking care of that problem with AutoRip. The new service automatically gives customers an MP3 version of any eligible CD they’ve purchased from Amazon dating all the way back to 1998. The MP3 is stored in your Amazon Cloud Player account and can be accessed from any device, including the iPad.

If you’ve purchased music from Amazon in the past 15 years and any of them are AutoRip eligible, they will be waiting for you in Amazon Cloud Player, even if you’ve never used the service. Just visit the website and log in. All eligible songs will be there for you to play. The best part is that, even CDs you’ve bought as gifts for other people will be in your Amazon Cloud Player. It’s like buying one and getting one for free.

[Via: TechCrunch]

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