iPad Potty Keeps Your Toddlers Entertained While They Do Their Business

ipottyCES 2013 saw the debut of some wacky products, including the electronic HAPIfork that measures how long it takes to eat a meal, and the iMusic BodyRhythm that massages you to the beat of your iDevice music, but possibly the most outrageous product was the children’s toilet equipped with an iPad dock.

That’s right, this ‘iPotty’ is your standard brightly colored potty training seat, but it also features a handy dock that can equip the third or fourth generation iPads. That means little Timmy or Suzy can play some Angry Birds while sitting on the potty waiting for that oh so important tinkling to begin.

If you’re having a hard time getting your toddler to transition to the potty, don’t worry, they’ll be glued to the seat for hours when the iPad is attached. You might want to encourage a sitting-only policy though, as the iPad looks like its in a bit of a precarious position when it comes to water damage.

There is, of course, built-in splash protection, which takes the form of a plastic sheet that fits over the iPad and a pee guard for boys, and the entire thing comes apart for cleaning, but it still looks a bit risky.

The $40 toilet doesn’t come with any apps, but the idea is to keep the toddler on the toilet long enough to make sure his or her business is done. The toilet is manufactured by CTA Digital, a supplier of iPad accessories that was also displaying an inflatable SpongeBob Squarepants go-kart. So far, there’s no word on where interested consumers can purchase an iPotty of their own.

What do you think of the iPotty? Would you purchase one?

[via Wired]

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