Tired of Hunting for iPad Chargers? This Multi-Device Charger is Ready to Help!

PowerDockGriffin Technology, known as the “world’s foremost creators of innovations for everyday life” is at it again with new charging accessories being announced at CES 2013. Designed to promote convenience as much as ease of use, Griffin is becoming one of the first accessory manufacturers to address the reality that individuals and families have more than one accessory that requires power.

The Powerdock 5 is a marvelous looking product that charges up to 5 devices and “takes up only about as much room on your countertop as a single iPad.” Now multiple iPad households (or mixed households with a variety of iPhones, iPod Touch devices and iPhones) can get plugged in all at once and in a single location. Using the Powerdock 5, each device has its own charging port and its own clear backrest and gives enough space to place your device in place even while in their respective cases. The Powerdock 5 is priced at USD $99.99 and is expected to be available in the spring of this year.

Anybody with an iPhone and an iPad will understand the frustration of going to charge your iPad with an iPhone charger –only to realize that the power output vs. the iPad’s power requirements just don’t cut it. Using Griffin’s new PowerBlock Universal Wall Charger with ChargeSensor, you truly get the one-size-fits-all solution. With the Griffin ChargeSensor technology, this accessory “senses the charging requirements of any device plugged into it, and adapts itself to that device.”

The PowerBlock Universal Wall Charger with ChargeSensor is especially handy because it features a small profile that will slide easy into any powerbar or wall socket without competing for precious space. Debuting at USD $29.99 it is especially valuable because it also sports the self-resetting SmartFuse which will protect your devices from power fluctuations.

Want the same flexible power in your vehicle? Griffin has you covered with the PowerJolt Universal Car Charger with ChargeSensor with a price-tag of only USD $24.99.

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  • Savvy Sleuth

    Seems like new Apple devices should just ship with this thing as we all know they’re like M&M’s… you can’t have just one.