Never Lose Important Items Again with the iOS Compatible StickNFind Bluetooth Stickers

sticknfindDo you often misplace important items like your keys, your phone, and your iPad? That won’t be a problem anymore thanks to an innovative new idea on Indiegogo, the StickNFind.

StickNFind is a product that consists of a small, quarter-sized Bluetooth-enabled sticker that can adhere to a wide range of items. You can stick it to items that are often lost around the house, including purses, keys, wallets, remote controls, tablets, and more.

Each StickNFind sticker has a buzzer and a light, and they work with a free iOS app. The app has a radar screen that lets you know the approximate direction of your lost item, and it also has the ability to activate the buzzer or the light on the sticker.

You can also activate a virtual leash feature, which will let you know when any item goes out of range of a set distance. This way, you will never again leave your keys or your tablet behind when out and about.

StickNFind stickers function with a watch battery that lasts for approximately one year, and they have a maximum range of 100 feet.

The stickers are currently available as part of an Indiegogo project, which has already been funded. For a contribution of just $35 you can get two stickers, as long as you make the purchase before the campaign ends in nine days. The stickers have an estimated ship date of March 2013.

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  • Flytrap21

    Do the Bluetooth stickers use a battery? I’d assume that a power source is required to power the StickNFind device. What happens when the battery goes flat – or does one have to remember to charge all their Bluetooth Stickers every night… especially if one is planning on losing one’s keys the next day…. LOL

    • Juli Clover

      They use a watch battery, as mentioned above. It lasts for a year with continuous use, and I assume when it is dead you would not see the sticker show up on your iDevice. The batteries are also replaceable.