Mobio Announces New iPad Mounts at CES 2013


Oh, boy. Oh, boy. New products are coming our way fast and furious now. Another start-up is joining CES this year with a line of magnetically connected iPad mounts to display your device easier than ever, with a sleek design that will turn heads.

Mobile accessory maker Mobio recently launched three new products that are sure to make a presence at this year’s CES. The Mobio Go, Mobio Pivot, and Mobio Grip have the kind of minimalist design that always creates a stir for Apple products.

SONY DSCThe Mobio Go is a dashboard mount that adheres to your car’s dashboard in any location you choose and connects to your iPad using heavy-duty magnets. The Mobio Go is adjustable to almost any angle and gives you access to your device for safe viewing. The mount is made from a sturdy ball jointed magnet and comes with both an iPhone attachment and iPad attachment so you can use either in the car. The Mobio Go costs $35 and is currently available at the company’s website.

SONY DSCThe Mobio Grip is a convenient handle that attaches to your iPad using strong magnets. The ergonomically designed handle slips between your fingers so that you can hold your iPad with one hand at any angle. The Mobio Grip doubles as a stand when you rest it on a flat surface you can go hands-free for conference calls, listening to music, and more. The Mobio Grip costs $35 and can also be purchased from the company’s website today.

SONY DSCThe Mobio Pivot is a stylish stand that allows you to adjust your iPad to virtually any angle. The stand adheres to a flat surface like your desk or coffee table and connects to your device using a heavy-duty magnet. It comes with both an iPad and iPhone connector so you can display both from the same stand. The Mobio Pivot cost $45 and is available now from the company’s website.

We haven’t gotten our hands on these items yet, but I would be remiss if I didn’t warn you about how the Mobio Go and Mobio Pivot adhere to your dashboard or tabletop. They both use an industrial-strength 3M adhesive. I had a very bad experience with supposed removable 3M strips. Don’t worry about the magnets. Those are safe for iPads and iPhones. I would, however, use caution when sticking the 3M adhesives to a dashboard or coffee table. You may never get it off.

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  • Al

    This looks like an exact copy of Steelie. They didn’t even bother to change it a little…

    • lorygil

      You’re right. They do look A LOT alike. However, so do 90 percent of tablet cases on the market. The Steelie is a little bit thicker than Mobio’s stand, so I’d say it isn’t a exact copy, but they are pretty similar.