Presstomatic Collaborative Digital Scrapbook Comes to the iPad

pressappWhether you want to create a book to commemorate a special family event or to show off all the great photos you and a friend took while snorkeling in the Bahamas over winter break, Presstomatic may be just the app you’re looking for. Thanks to a recent upgrade Presstomatic made the leap to the iPad. It’s now a universal app, and, best of all, it’s still free.

Don’t let the term “scrapbook” put you off. Presstomatic bears little resemblance to the fussy, sticker-laden pages whose supplies dominate craft store aisles. Presstomatic is more like a photo-centric, mobile blogging platform that bundles a user’s creations in a neat package that can be shared publicly or with just a few friends.

To use Presstomatic one must create an account. After logging in, a user may choose to create a new book or browse the public library. It takes only a few taps to create a new book. A title for your new tome is required, but the description and category are optional. The user may choose from a number of established categories for her book including Photography, Travel, Baby Book, Event, Family & Friends, or even broader categories such as Nature, Cars, and Music.

Begin by choosing a photo and design for the cover. Choose from 8 color templates (including a blank one) to add a title. The user can then select a title font, color, and background color from a number of different, tasteful choices. After adding a photo, the user can add headers, captions, or descriptions to accompany the image. The app even allows the user to post videos within the book’s digital pages.


Presstomatic’s pages are reminiscent of a blogging or other social media platform. Each page allows readers to like or comment on the page’s photo.

The user may set her book as a Public, Private, or Community book. Before sharing a book, be sure to add the developer’s own Welcome to Presstomatic! title to your library. This helpful book provides information on adding text to a book, deleting a book, as well as tips on navigating community books and the user’s library.

Presstomatic has the potential to be a boon to teachers who could create collaborative books for their classrooms, or for niche hobbyists (indie rock poster collectors, tattoo enthusiasts, fans of street art), to share their love with like-minded souls.

Download Presstomatic for free from the App Store.

What I liked: If the author designates the book as a Community Book then any Presstomatic user can contribute to it. This unusual twist on collaboration has untapped potential for creating community-based digital works. In an example of deep iOS integration, a user can ad a location to a post with a single tap.

What I didn’t like: Some users may hesitate to let Presstomatic access their contacts, and at present there is no way to manually add a contact. Be aware that unlike most printed books, Presstomatic creates a user’s book from back to front, more like a blog than a book, so if you want to tell a photostory put your last picture in first.

To buy or not to buy: Keeping in mind that Presstomatic is a photo-centric book creation app (it’s probably not the best choice for your next novel), this universal app is free to download, so why not give it a try?

  • App Name: Presstomatic
  • Version Reviewed: 1.1
  • Category: Social Networking
  • Developer: Pressto
  • Price: Free
  • Score:

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