Apple Loses First Battle with Amazon Over ‘Appstore’ Trademark

amazonappstoreBack in early 2011, Amazon launched its Appstore for Android, prompting Apple to sue Amazon for a trademark violation on the “App Store” name. The name would, Apple said, confuse both consumers and developers.

Amazon claimed that the words “App Store” are generic and unprotectable, denying that Apple had exclusive rights to the term. Apple went ahead with its lawsuit, also accusing Amazon of false advertising for using the name.

A United States district court has agreed with Amazon, today dismissing the claim that Amazon’s Appstore is false advertising.

The court has decided that Amazon’s use of “Appstore” does not imply that the company is affiliated with Apple’s App Store, saying “the mere use of ‘Appstore’ … cannot be construed as a representation that the nature, characteristics, or quality of the Amazon Appstore is the same as that of the Apple App Store.”

Of course, today’s ruling was just one small part of the overall trademark lawsuit. There are still five parts to Apple’s lawsuit against Amazon, and it may later be decided that Amazon’s Appstore is indeed a trademark infringement.

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