Resolved to Build an iOS App in 2013? Don’t Miss InteractBuilder 3.0 — a Kickstarter Project

According to InteractStudios‘ Ezra Weinstein, “You don’t need to be a programmer” to create a mobile app using the InteractBuilder 3.0 platform. Anyone with an iPad (or even a desktop or laptop) can use InteractBuilder 3.0 to create a wide range of interactive materials including games, kids books, photo albums, greeting cards, and presentations that will function on a variety of tablets and smartphones. InteractStudios hopes that a successful Kickstarter campaign will help bring Interact Builder 3.0 to market.

Readers can use the applications they create with InteractBuilder 3.0 in the developer’s sister app Interact Books (PadGadget = 4.0 stars), but version 3.0 InteractBuilder now functions outside the iOS app.

“We are creating a software platform that allows anyone to create apps for tablets, desktops and smart phones without any programming, said Weinstein. “Our software platform will run on both tablets and desktops and is extremely easy to use and very powerful. We feel our efforts can revolutionize the app creation market.”

According to Weinstein, “What started as an interactive storybook builder in version one, has evolved into a powerful multimedia tool that can be used to easily create thousands of different types of apps in this third version.”

Those who use InteractBuilder 3.0 can add graphics (even layered PhotoShop files), text, animation, sound, video, and Internet links to their creations. InteractStudios hopes that when app developers are freed from the burden of learning to program that they will have more time and energy to put into content design and creative presentation.

InteractStudios even gives a developer a choice to submit apps for approval through Interact’s developer account at no additional cost if he chooses, which promises to remove another barrier to app creation, especially for first-time developers.

InteractBuilder 3.0 will be free when it’s released, but they still have a way to go to reach their funding goal. Pledge $10 to receive three Interact Books titles as a thank you. Larger pledges earn a variety of rewards from T-Shirts to early access to InteractBuilder 3.0.

Help ensure that InteractBuilder 3.0 reaches its funding goal before the pledge period ends on Monday January 7, 2013.

About Emily: Emily is a freelance writer who loves discovering new apps whenever she can pry the iPad away from her children or husband. You can contact her via Twitter: @whatwentwrite

  • shesaidsomething

    I think a project such as this should have company equity built into the crowdsourcing. The program might be free but for how long and only until the holy grail of a buy-out is cemented, leaving the kickstarters with no benefit but Weinstein a very wealthy man.

    • Ezra Weinstein

      Hi SheSaidSomething, please visit our Kickstarter page and it will fully explain our vision and business plan because the software is free for personal use but there is a clear revenue plan for our product which was not made clear in this article.

      I would never leave anyone hanging, and at this point I am not seeing any holy grails in my future. If by some chance there was one, I still would never leave people hanging.

  • Ranco

    I’ve tried the InteractBuilder software, and I must admit – it is absolutely awesome! I’m working on a children book for iPad and other tablets, and this is the best cross-platform solution I could found (and I’ve checked quite a few). It is so easy to use and powerful! In addition, you can easily create apps for tablets, quite similar to Flash, but much easier with not a single line of code. Highly recommended!