Is Apple Acquiring Waze, the Popular Social Turn-By-Turn Navigation Company?

WazeOnce Google launched its iOS app, the iPhone world rejoiced (although the iPad world is still waiting) because they could finally feel confident that they could look up directions and know that they wouldn’t be misdirected to the middle of nowhere.

Apple isn’t giving up the ghost just yet. We recently heard rumors that the iPad maker was looking into Foursquare integration to improve their Maps app. Today, TechCrunch is reporting that Apple is also looking to acquire the social navigation service Waze.

According to TechCrunch, Apple has been poking its nose around the Waze offices with the hopes of buying out the mapping company to presumably merge many of its features with the iOS native Maps app. Apple needs to do something big if it wants to bring users back from Google Maps.

Waze is a community-based traffic and navigation app that updates users in real time with traffic reports, alternative routes and social connectivity so you can plan meet-ups and let friends know where you are on the road.

By driving with the Waze app open, users send data regarding the speed of their commute to fellow drivers. You can also record events that are taking place on the road, hands free, while driving. For example, if you are driving down I-5 and there is construction in the right lane, slowing traffic, you can send that information in real time to other drivers.

If Apple does acquire Waze, this would be a beneficial addition to their mapping service. Real-time traffic updates are priceless in a country where there are more drivers than there are roads for them.

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