Apple to Jump into Wearable Computing According to Analyst

geordi-la-forgeYou know about the Google Goggles and you’ve heard about Sony’s SmartWatch, but did you ever think that Apple would join the wearable gaming market? Neither did we, but according to Piper Jaffray analysts Gene Munster, its coming. Just think, we could all be sporting the new iPants or iTank with iTunes by next year.

Last week, we told you about rumors that Apple is working on a watch that would communicate with iOS devices to let you check your email, see the time, and even control the audio playback settings on your iPhone or iPad. Munster took that rumor one step further with a prediction that Apple will join the wearable computing market within the next few years.

“We believe that Apple will eventually introduce some type of wearable computing product. As we have previously noted, we believe that wearable computers will ultimately be a major future trend. We expect Apple could profit from the trend in two ways. First, the company could create products for consumers, like the watch. Second, we believe the company could expand its MFi program that licenses hardware manufacturers the ability to make products that connect to iOS devices.

Munster doesn’t believe Apple’s watch will make waves with investors, but feels that the trend toward wearable compatible computer accessories will be the next big thing in technology and Apple will have to take notice.

In addition to his wearable computing prediction, Munster also told investors to expect Apple’s rumored television set in November of 2013, as well as a second-generation iPad mini with Retina Display early this year, a “modest” iPhone 5 upgrade in September, and iOS 7 in June.

[Via: ZDNet]

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