Bill Gates’ Kids Not Allowed to Have Apple Devices

melinda nad bill gatesThough the iPad and the iPad mini were some of the most wished for devices this year, the children of Bill and Melinda Gates didn’t find any iDevices under the Christmas tree. The ultra rich Microsoft duo, who are parents to three kids, don’t allow the children to have Apple products.

In an piece with a radio station earlier today, Melinda Gates told interviewers that though her children ask for Apple products like iPads, “they get Windows technology.”

She adds, “The wealth from your family came from Microsoft, so why would we invest in a competitor?”

Microsoft has attempted to compete with several Apple products over the years, most recently with its Surface tablet that has faced abysmal sales since being introduced in October.

Still, though the Gates children aren’t allowed to use Apple iDevices, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had an amicable relationship. When Jobs was sick, Gates visited him, and the two even gave a talk about their rivalry back in 2007.

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  • Magtanggol

    Microsoft. You remember in the 90’s when you were the king and greedy? Well, Apple is like you now. Sucks to be on the receiving end, doesn’t it? Moral of the story: Don’t be evil.

  • kent ma

    They aren’t as bad as apple, at least Microsoft employees and Microsoft match donation program brought donation of Microsoft to charities to 1billion, never big corps donated that much before as much Ms did this time, so think about that

  • kiet ngu

    i want cheap,useful product .I like window better than apple because its popular ,cheaper than apple. I like samsung phone than apple iphone5, It’s bigger than iphone.
    But window surface cost to much for me $500.00,
    No way !