Spigen iPad Leather Case – Argos Series – Gear Review


The new genuine leather Argos Series of cases for the iPad is a true thing of beauty. From Spigen, a great company for finding quality accessories for all your devices, this case is 100% handcrafted from high quality materials packing features you wouldn’t think you’d find in a slim leather case. Since receiving the box at my door, I have been instantly impressed with this company.

The packaging is well designed, cleverly thought out, and the graphics on the box are smart, minimalist, and clean. Upon opening it, there was a beautiful smell – like that of the Florentine leather markets.

The case is handcrafted with premium genuine leather – butter soft to the touch. Serious wow. Your color options at the moment include black, white, and a vintage brown. There is no visible stitching to the leather, i.e. no seams to come undone. All the edges are formed and molded, creating very durable protection for your iPad.

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The edges are hardened and the front and back are sufficiently sturdy. I feel like my iPad is very well protected in this case. Built into the front cover are two arms that fold out to let the iPad stand at different angles– great for setting up to work, watch TV, or browse. Not only a great feature, the design enables these arms to fold into the thickness of the front cover, minimizing bulk and weight, and keeping the profile of this cover quite slim and light. Apart from the arms, which are stiffened leather, the remainder of the interior is a velvet smooth microfiber material.

Another key feature Spigen has artfully included is a magnet within the closing clasp which acts as an automatic wake or sleep function. As soon as you open the cover, your iPad is awake and ready to go. When you close it, the iPad goes into sleep mode automatically.

ipad_leather_case_argos-white_1 ipad_leather_case_argos-black_1 ipad_leather_case_argos-vintage_brown_1

What I liked: This cover is gorgeous. It is a true quality accessory, and one that will last.  I love that for a crafted leather case, it is quite thin, very light, and packs great functional features. I know my iPad is safe and protected in it, and it looks great as well.

What I didn’t like: The only disadvantage I could find about this cover would be the price tag. At $94.99, it is pricey– but worth it, and certainly not unusual for such a quality product.

To buy or not to buy: If you’re in the market for a quality cover for your iPad, the Argos Series – at 100% handmade and genuine leather – is a good investment. Its beautiful, durable, well-made, and you’ll surely enjoy using it.

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