Outfit Your New iPad or iPad Mini with the Perfect Case

ipad-christmas-presentWere you lucky enough to unwrap a shiny new iPad this holiday season? Are you now wondering just how you will protect it? Finding the perfect case to wrap around your iPad is as personal as the library of apps you find installed on it.

To aid you in your quest, we will introduce you to a few of the top-performers among the various categories of cases available.

Hardcore Protection
Are you accident prone? Are your kids using the new iPad? Is it fairly likely that your iPad will take a tumble (and your house has more hardwood floors than soft carpeted ones)? If you need the added protection or you would just like to have the peace-of-mind that a hardcore iPad case can bring, then you are in luck –because there are options available that are equal parts beauty and function.

  • Griffin Survivor – While they may seem ridiculously over-engineered at first, there is no question of the quality found with the Survivor military-duty cases. Built for either the 4th Generation iPad or the iPad Mini, this case will protect your iPad from extreme conditions (or copious amounts of baby drool as-is the hazard in my home). Beginning with a shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame clad in rugged, shock absorbing silicone and completed with a built-in screen protector, there is nothing this case doesn’t have (including a built-in stand for viewing your iPad hands-free).
  • Gumdrop Droptech Series – Constructed to provide multiple layers of shock absorption combined with reinforced rubber bumpers on the corners and an integrated screen protector, the Droptech Series of iPad cases are very concerned for the safety of your iPad. With models for both the 4th Generation iPad and the iPad Mini, you are set to go no matter your form factor.

A Little Cushion
You love your new iPad and you are ever-so-worried that something bad may happen to it –and that’s a reality that is entirely possible. If you don’t anticipate putting your iPad in harm’s way very often and you just want to have a little insurance against slight falls as well as bumps and bruises, there are case options for you as well!

  • Speck FitFolio – No matter whether you have a 4th Generation iPad or an iPad Mini, a FitFolio is a marvelous thing. Designed to be a sleek form-fitting case, the folio style also gives that flip-over protection that any people want for their iPad screen (including the instant on-off feature that the Apple Smart Cover offers. The bonus with the FitFolio is that you get a number of hip and funky color options to pick from that make having a case that little bit more fun.
  • iFrogz Breeze – My absolute favorite iPhone case has now become an iPad Mini case! The Breeze is made from pliable, impact-resistant TPU that guards against impact damage (while looking pretty darn awesome). Unfortunately the Breeze is not made for the full-sized iPad, but iFrogz has not left you guys out: the Summit is a pretty incredible folio-style case that is a polycarbonate hug for your iPad (and available in hot pink, which is reason enough to check it out)!

Something Extra
Do you need a case to offer something more than simple protection for it to interest you? Not to worry, there are plenty of those kinds of cases as well!

  • Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover – What do you get when you mate a typical Smart Cover style screen protecting case with a Bluetooth keyboard? The Ultrathin Keyboard Cover is as good as it gets with very little compromise (as long as you are using the larger form-factor iPad, those of you with an iPad Mini may have to consider an elegant ZAGGkeys MINI 7).
  • onanoff Soundcover – Do you already wish that you could make the sound from your full-sized iPad a little louder? Consider the innovative Soundcover smart cover for your 4th Generation iPad that merges built-in flat NXT stereo speakers with a protective shield. Boasting the ability to boost your iPad’s volume by up to 300%, you won’t be disappointed.

Barely There
Do you think your iPad needs a little something? Do you worry that the beautiful aluminum back will get scratched? Do you find it a little slippery (or chilly) to hold on to easily? Maybe you just want your iPad to have a touch of flair somehow. No matter your reason, there are options for this group as well!

  • xGear Smart Cover Enhancer III – I knew from the first moment I saw the Smart Cover Enhancer, that I would have to have one and this third generation model is no exception. Designed to work together with Apple’s Smart Cover (or others like it), or all by itself, this back-protection is just what your iPad needs to resist scratches and scuffs while being just a little bit more… grippy. (While you are looking at this, take a look at their Aluminum Home Buttons: a very cool way to personalize your iPad even more.)
  • iSkin solo Smart – The back of your iPad has never been this protected, with the form-fitting and flexible thermo-polymer protection of a solo Smart back cover. Unfortunately this one is only available for the full-sized iPad (though they promise it will be available for the iPad Mini soon), but is too awesome not to mention (plus it comes in very bright and fun colors). For those of you with a bunch of different paws on our iPad, you may enjoy that this case is “infused with Microban® antimicrobial product protection that inhibits the growth of odor- and stain-causing bacteria and fungi.”

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    The iFrogz Breeze looks sleek and snazzy, and has all the right features for great function. It’s just a shame about that lofty price-tag.