Five Great Music-Related Apps for Your iPad– New iPad Owner Starter Kit


If you are a new iPad owner, you are about to discover the vast ocean that is the App Store. In order to help you tread water through the shark-infested sea of unknown apps, we’ve created a series of lists that include the cream of the crop. We recently told you about our favorite games and let you in on the holiday app sale secret. Today, we’ve got a list of apps related to music. Whether you want to be educated in music or even learn how to play an instrument, we’ve got a list of the top apps to help you do it.

orchapplThe orchestra ($13.99) For a crash course in music education for orchestral performances, you’ll find all the information you’ll ever want to know with this detailed and in-depth app. Users will discover the placement, purpose, and sound of individual instruments. You can listen to the London Philharmonic Orchestra play eight different pieces while you explore the different sections of the band. Each device that you tap on also includes video interviews, music clips, and the specification of the instrument. While listening to the works by composers such as Beethoven, Haydn, and Debussy, you can listen to commentary of the piece and view the score as sheet music with a follow-along reference, or as colored bars for a more aesthetic visual aid.

Drums XD LogoDrums XD ($4.99) Are you a drummer, looking for a good virtual app for creating and recording beats? Are you a wannabe drummer looking for a way to tap out the perfect rhythm? If you fit into either category, you’ll love this app. It is not much more than a simple drum tapping app, except that it offers many features that make it a serious piece of digital music. Users can create a custom drum kit from a huge variety of toms, kicks, snares, cymbals, and more. You can also record your session in real time to be used with a prerecorded song, or to be sent to GarageBand as a real drum track. It is compatible with various MIDI instruments and other music apps, like Sanoma AudioPaste and Intua.

Songful LogoSongful ($2.99) For guitarists looking to expand their list of cover songs, this app gives you access to thousands of songs from the guitar tab website UltimateGuitar.The benefit of this app is how easy it is to access, download and store a huge selection of guitar tab, including lyrics. However, you don’t actually have to know how to play the guitar to make music with this app. The included virtual guitar and ukulele feature lets non-musicians have a crack at the campfire sing along with an app that plays the music for you. You’ll always be equipped with a guitar and a hefty collections of songs to play as long as you have Songful and your iPad.

slackerradioSlacker Radio (Free) Streaming music is the next wave of technology in the music industry. We threw out our records and sold our CDs in lieu of the convenience and space saving of digital downloads. Now, we have even decided to stop buying music in exchange for subscriptions to streaming music services. Pandora is the most popular, with Spotify right behind. While those are fantastic music sources, Slacker Radio has the best looking iPad app on the market, and the company offers a tiered subscription service so you can decide how much you are willing to pay. For the free service, users can listen to music in a radio fashion with music that is similar to a specific song or artist you like. For $3.99 per month you can choose what album you want to listen to, skip songs as many times as you like, and even download music within the app for offline listening. For the full price of $9.99 per month, you can upgrade to Slacker Premium Radio, which offers a laundry list of premium features, including album caching for offline listening, multiple device downloads including the ability to listen to different music on different devices at the same time, and so much more.

Amplitube Slash LogoAmpliTube Slash ($14.99 *only $7.99 until the end of the year) For the full-fledged musician, we have just the app for turning your guitar into the shredmeister you’ve always wanted. IK Multimedia makes a plethora of music accessories and apps that will blow you away. Amplitube Slash is one of their best guitar effects apps. Users can turn their simple guitar into one of Slash’s favorites, including th JCM Slash Edition Silver Jubilee and the AFD100. Plus, you can adjust your effects with six preloaded stomp box effects, set to Slash’s favorite sounds. You’ll need a connector to plug your guitar into your iPad. Lucky for you, IK Multimedia has just the gadget. Check out our review of the iRig STOMP.

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